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Box Office! May 1 – 3 May 3, 2009

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1. Xmen Origins: Wolverine – 87Mil. Yup. Big numbers. The summer movie season has officially begun. Sure it began with fake looking Wolvie Claws and a mess of a Baraka look alike that was supposed to be Deadpool but hey… Happy Summer everybody!!!

2. Ghost of Girfriend’s Past – 15Mil. What’s more irritating than a Christmas Carol remake, Matthew McConaughey and a generic romantic comedy preaching endlessly about how men don’t know how to treat women right (BAWWWWWW)? Simple, all three of these things in one movie!

3. Obsessed – 12Mil. America is OBSESSED with this movie! (Screen Gems better not steal that.)

4. 17 Again – 6Mil. America wants to see 17 Again, AGAIN!  (And still not funny the second time around)

5. Monsters vs. Aliens – 5Mil. I would be happy with the crazy amount of success this movie is having (182 Mil. so far) but after what Dreamworks did to Shrek (we’re getting two more sequels and a Puss In Boots spinoff) and what it’s about to do with Kung Fu Panda  (PANDAemonium is scheduled to be released in 2011) I can’t help but dread all the sequels MVA will have…

bftcharacters1Oh and sorry environmentally preachy Aliens… Battle for Terra scraped in 12th place with only 1Mil. Proving that just cause Wall-e can make a lot of money and have a message, doesn’t mean that you’ll do the same thing. They’re Pixar and you’re just an independent company with no marketing. Oh yeah and it wouldn’t hurt to have a plot that would actually make sense to a 7 year old, since that’s the audience you’re trying to sell this to…



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