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District 9’s Viral Marketing Campaign Might Just Be the Coolest Thing Ever May 4, 2009

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The trailer was released just a few days ago alongside Wolverine and people are already buzzing about this mid-august Sci-Fi flick. Reason 1: The trailer is jaw-dropping, resonating a presentation similar to the sleeper hit Cloverfield. Reason 2: District 9 is directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by the renowned Peter Jackson, the team that was supposed do the Halo adaptation before the project went into development hell. Now there’s another reason why this just might be my most anticipated flick of the summer. The movie is undergoing an epic viral marketing campaign, providing the back-story in a truly interactive way that will (hopefully) throttle the word of mouth on this movie. Heck, if this movie does well enough in the box office it could be the start of an awesome new franchise (not to mention raise the chances of a Halo film in the future). Comparable to the “Lost Experience” which took place during Lost’s second season, these sites are, without trying to over-hype, interesting. Here are the links and see for yourself. 

District 9 

Multinational United 

MNU Spreads Lies 

Maths From Outer Space 

Oh and if you haven’t seen the trailer yet… click below and prepare to be wowed. 


One Response to “District 9’s Viral Marketing Campaign Might Just Be the Coolest Thing Ever”

  1. I agree…I love the MATHS FROM OUTER SPACE site where you can take tests and the MNU site where you can search for human and non-human job openings. It will be interesting to see how complex the marketing and mirror sites get as the release date approaches.

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