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New G.I. Joe Trailer Gave Me A Nerdgasm… May 4, 2009

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A collapsing Eiffel Tower, people diving headfirst into trains, people jumping around and backflipping dodging rockets blowing everything up… NINJAS!!!! After seeing a glimpse way back during the Superbowl… I was impressed. Seeing the full length trailer last night on Adult Swim… I had a nerdgasm and ultimately, all the second thoughts on whether this would actually be good have disappeared for now. This might just be my action-packed guilty pleasure of 09. Directed by Stephen Sommers, who did The Mummy, my personal favorite guilty pleasure, this movie’s coming out in early August and has strong potential of being a successful end of the summer movie. Guys will love it for all of the action and girls will love it cause of the lead star, played by dream boy Channing Tatum. And with a supporting cast of Dennis Quade as Hawk, Marlon Wayans as Ripchord and Lost‘s Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, this might just be one the summer’s biggest successes. Check out the trailer… be prepared to clean yourself up afterwards…

Oh yeah and if there’s a Porkchop SandwichesBody Massage, or a Give em the Stick reference… I will love Stephen Sommers forever.


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