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Wolverine Review OR How I Learned To Stop Bitching and Love A Blockbuster May 4, 2009

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2008 was one hell of a year for superhero movies, thanks to a moderately successful adaptation of a little known comic series. You might of heard of it, it was called The Dark Knight. After Nolan’s masterpiece, it’s obvious that the bar has been set for how a serious, powerful superhero/comic book adaptation is done. But let’s face it, even with the impact of Dark Knight not all of these movies are going to be top notch. In fact, many will cross into the base of mediocrity. I did not expect perfection out of Xmen Origins: Wolverine. If anything I was just praying for A. An improvement over the last film and B. A fun, popcorn blockbuster film to get me amped for the summer movie season. Ultimately, that’s exactly what I got, even with all its flaws (and believe me there are a lot). 

So let’s cut to the chase and go into what exactly is wrong with this movie. For starters, with the exception of the title character and Sabertooth, the characters’ development is very weak through the second half of the film. In the beginning, all of the Team X members, which includes Wraith, The Blob, Agent Zero, Bolt and of course Deadpool, showcase great but short chemistry within the team. Ryan Reynolds portrays the wise-cracking of Wade Wilson/Deadpool fabulously and the portrayal of the other Team X, while brief, are still fairly impressive. 


Then the second half of the film comes along and things get weak… really weak. Although it was sweet to finally see Gambit in a movie and he did have a fair amount of screen time. His presence wasn’t exactly necessary. Gambit could’ve been replaced by any other Xmen and frankly, it ultimately wouldn’t be the same. This being said, it is still awesome to see Gambit in action, this isn’t the problem. Cyclops is the real issue,  since he frankly, has almost no purpose within the movie. His presence makes you wonder  if the filmmakers only crammed him in to make an action figure sale or some other marketing tool. Emma Frost is another victim of this movies flaw. But the real tragedy is how the film treats the transformation from Wade Wilson to Deadpool. Without spoiling the film’s ending, let’s just say, they mess up the character big time. For me, this is a huge disappointment since Deadpool is not only one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe but also the main reason why I saw Wolverine in the first place. The other main problem with the end is the film’s “twist”, if you would even call it one. When the said twist was revealed, I just thought, “I wasn’t supposed to know that?” This also leads into one of the other film’s main flaw, the scattered plot holes throughout. Awkward dialog, continuity errors and overall lack of story logic hurt the movie’s potential.

However, even with all the negative aspects, I couldn’t hate the movie. Believe me, I tried. But it was just too damn enjoyable. I laughed, I was intrigued throughout and overall, I had fun. The action sequences were great and the fifteen to twenty minutes showcasing Team X were awesome.  Is this as good as the first two Xmen movies? Hell no. It’s not even in the same ballpark. Though it may not be the tragic failure you’d expect from Fox (a majority of the films released by them in the past year have been flops: X-Files, Dragonball, Meet Dave etc) it still missed the potential of being a truly rewarding origins story. That being said, it’s a small improvement over The Last Stand and frankly, an enjoyable introduction to this season of summer blockbusters.


One Response to “Wolverine Review OR How I Learned To Stop Bitching and Love A Blockbuster”

  1. They ruined Deadpool in the second half. For this, there is no forgiveness.

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