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Most Anticipated Films of the Summer May 6, 2009

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With Wolverine premiering last friday, it’s safe to say that the summer season for movies has officially begun. And with everybody gathering their certain picks for what they can’t wait to see (Terminator Salvation, Transformers 2, Harry Potter etc.), I’ve made my own compilation.

NOTE: I currently finished a 50 page script for one of my classes so I’m sick to death of typing. Therefore, I’ll only explain each choice in pseudo-mathematical form. Why? Cause I’m too lazy to right full sentences now.


So without further ado.

5. 3332904288_e2b0368d12

J.J. Abrams + Simon Pegg + Complete Reboot of a franchise + rumor of Cloverfield 2 trailer 




Pixar + Not Cars + Gorgeous Animation + This talking dog…



3. Bruno3409254545_8891282505

Sasha Baron Cohen + homosexual character from Ali G + mainstream America + controversy


2. 3305033565_a78329c2df1

Judd Apatow + More Dramatic Storyline + Seth Rogan


1. District 93471639420_fa9e3fa74f

Viral Marketing + Peter Jackson + Documentary Style + Aliens + Social Commentary



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