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Gerald Butler Reminds Us He’s Still A Dude… In the Manliest Way Possible May 23, 2009

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Okay Gerald Butler, we get it! You can do super masculine action films AND sappy chick flicks! But know with the upcoming The Ugly Truth it looks like your becoming the perfect boy-toy for every American girl age 15-25. Come on dude, give us some action! Let us know that you haven’t abandoned us guy moviegoers- Oh.


Well looks my testosterone filled prayers have been answered. Gamer takes place in a future where gamers have full control over their video game counterparts in an immensely popular MMO Shooter. The catch. The characters in the video game are actually death row inmates, one of which (Butler) plans to revolt against the system and defeat the game’s creator. Cheesy? Yes. Filled action-packed goodness that will remind us why we all envy Gerald Butler’s manliness? Absolutely.

Oh yeah. and the song in the trailer for anyone wondering… Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson.


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