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Sam Worthington Being Rad in Clash of the Titans Remake June 3, 2009

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After kicking some serious butt in the surprisingly good Terminator Salvation, Sam Worthington’s BA radar just went from awesome to awesomer. Worthington is apparently starring in the remaking of the cult classic Clash of the Titans and here is the first offical pic courtesy of Slashfilm:

clashoftitansofficialWhile I’m a huge fan of the original, it would be nice to see this little Ancient Greek tale with special effects that were actually good… and if by some reason the pic above didn’t persuade you enough that this film has potential of rocking… Liam Neeson is playing Zeus. Hell to the yes.

And it’s being done by Legendary Pictures who have proved time and time again they excel at making genre films. This has a chance to be a fantastic pre-summer blockbuster.


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