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Softcore Vampire Film Sweeps MTV Movie Awards. The Intelligent Lose All Respect for MTV June 3, 2009

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Once upon a time, a little awards show on a television channel that used to play music was a racy, hilarious and youthful alternative to the Oscars. Such alumni winners were Menace II Society, Pulp Fiction and Se7en. Then, as the channel grew more mainstream, the voters of the awards show began to favor blockbusters and atypical popcorn films. A bit of a decline but understandable. I mean let’s face it most of the MTV audience during the TRL era wouldn’t be the type to like artsy/independent films. They like the summer entertainment. All was going well until last Sunday when something unnatural happened.

3222136196_93d7e46d54This won everything… it won Best Movie, it won Best Breakthrough Male, it Won Best Actress despite Kristen Stewart’s lack of knowing how to act, it Won Best Fight beating out movies that actually had fight scenes. Now my personal bias against the Twilight “saga” aside. Sunday night proved that our generation, the youngest breed of independent American women age 13-25 only care about two things when it comes to an art form:

1. Hot guys

2. Insanely outlandish theatrical romance that they’ll never possibly attain in the real world.

Okay, so I’m overreacting but the MTV Movie Awards are now on the same level as the Teen Choice Awards and has no validity when it comes to expressing the true value of any art form. Congratulations MTV, you’re fanbase is now nothing more than hyper, incompetent and borderline psychotic teenage girls. Enjoy.


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