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Epic Fail: Shrek Franchise Puss In Boots Spinoff is Actually Happening June 6, 2009

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Next year, us Americans will face yet another possibly mediocre Shrek sequel, Shrek Forever After. But just before we even beg for Dreamworks to stop sucking the blood out of a once beloved franchise, Coming Soon reports that this Puss In Boots spin-off is actually happening… They’ve had the opportunity to talk with Antonio Banderas who confirmed that it would be an “origin story” and stated this:

“I’m very happy with what I’m doing. In a way, it’s easy work because I know the parameters of the character. I know how to move him around. At the same time, a couple days ago, I went to DreamWorks and they pitched me what is going to be Puss in Boots’ own movie, and it looks unbelievable. It looks really, really cool. They’ve been working very, very heavy on the script for almost three years, and they didn’t just want to give me any kind of thing until the other day when Jeffrey finally called me and he said it was done. I went there and I was very surprised how the movie is going to take off. I love it.”

To be honest, I really don’t care how stoked Banderas is about the project. To me, it just seems like a way for Dreamworks to make more money off of the green ogre and co. And it’s an “origin story”. So picture the suckage of Wolverine, except now it’s about a character you don’t care about.


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