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Bandslam Trailer Doesn’t Look as Bad as it Seems. June 7, 2009

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Trailer for Bandslam, a coming-of-age musical-rom-com from the guy who did the sleeper hit Camp, was leaked a few days ago online. Basically it’s Camp but instead of aspiring actors and actresses, it’s aspiring singer-songwriters and musicians. This has potential of not only being an entertaining end of the summer comedy but it can also help Vanessa Hudgens extend beyond the High School Musical franchise. That being said, there is also a huge chance that this can suck pretty bad. Walden Media (known most famously for producing The Chronicles of Narnia series) is known to be a serious hit/miss production company. Only time will tell but until then… here’s the trailer:


One Response to “Bandslam Trailer Doesn’t Look as Bad as it Seems.”

  1. unknowntheartist Says:

    I wouldn’t mind watching this ‘cos Vanessa Hudgen’s Sam seems much more disconnected from her fellow high schoolers, more like being a spectator who doesn’t know which team they barrack for- she’s kinda like “whatever” and eyerolls but still lets the newcomer in on what’s goin down at the school, like she’s still in the know.
    Aly Michalka should be good too- she played taylor tiara in Sweet Sixteen the movie and was hilariously bitchy!

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