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Box Office Weekend June 5-7: Up Gets Number 1 Spot Two Weeks In A Row June 7, 2009

3426149236_49ea57b5c21. Up (44.2 Mil) – Second week in a row at number 1. Not really surprising since any movie associated with Pixar is destined to make lots and lots of money. That and it has a lot going for it: mature storyline akin to last year’s Wall-E, rave reviews, talking dogs. This definitely has potential of being one of the highest grossing films of the summer.

2. The Hangover (43.2 Mil) – Not gonna lie, I’m kind of surprised this did this well. I mean there’s not exactly an A-List star in this and there wasn’t a huge amount of advertising. Nonetheless, it did extremely well being only 1 million below the number one movie.

3. Land of the Lost (19.5 Mil) – Kind of a disappointment, especially when compared to the success of the opposing new comedy this weekend. Who knows, maybe Americans are tired of Will Ferrell’s typical antics. Or maybe less people were fans of the TV show than Universal expected.

4. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (14.6 Mil) – Starting to lose its steam, despite doing exceptionally well on Memorial Day weekend. Probably because American families realized that there is a much much MUCH better family film in theaters right now. Think about it: Pixar film or sequel with Ben Stiller doing more physical comedy in another museum. Which would you chose?

5. Star Trek (8.4 Mil) – Jesus. Five weeks later and its still in the top 5. As of now its made 222 Million being the highest grossing film of the year. And it really does deserve every dollar it makes. All this being said, the success of Star Trek will probably soon be overshadowed by an upcoming sequel with the robots blowing stuff up.


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