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Explosion Movie: 2012 OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!!! June 18, 2009

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So recently, many people are freaking out that the world will end in 2012 according to the Mayans. As a result, some genius at Hollywood thought, “You know all this paranoia will make a great blockbuster”. And who else to do a disaster movie about something “that can actually happen” that Day After Tomorrow director Roland Emmerich. Based on this trailer, the Mayans predicted the world will end by being destroyed by every natural disaster imaginable. Asteroids, Earthquakes, Floods. You name it. It’s in here. Typical Emmerich cheesiness aside the visuals are fantastic and anything with John Cusack is okay in my book. My only real concern so far is that one scene is a bit to similar to the iconic “White House blowing up” moment in Independence Day. Also, the movie has a pretty interesting viral marketing campaign akin to another upcoming Sony Picture, District 9. But without further ado, here’s the brand spanking new trailer for 2012.

2012 will cause more paranoia in our society November 13th, 2009.


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