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Box Office: Rom Com Leads Last Weekend Before “Robots Blowing Stuff Up” Will Dominate June 21, 2009

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1. The Proposal (34.1 Mil) – At first I didn’t think this was gonna do well at all, until I realized it was the only romcom/chick flick in theaters right now. The female 15-30 age group ate this up and with nothing like this until mid July with The Ugly “Truth”, it will probably continue to stay in the top 5 for a while.

2. The Hangover (26.8 Mil) – This honestly has potential of topping Wedding Crashers as the most successful R-rated Comedy ever. And who knew the biggest comedy of our generation would star 3 B/C-List Comedians rather than the “big names”. Suck on that Eddie Murphy.

3. Up (21.3 Mil) – As of now it’s doing almost as well as Finding Nemo (highest grossing Pixar flick) did back in 2003. And boy does it deserve every penny. Seriously, this is Pixar’s best, even better than Wall-e which I thought was impossible. Plus, it’s to die for in 3-D.

4. Year One (20.2 Mil) – Ouch. Not as good as people were expecting. Surprising that you have Apatow producing and Ramis directing, and you have not only critics trashing it but audiences not seeing it. Guess people are sick of Black and Cera playing the same roles.

5. The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (11.3 Mil) – Who doesn’t want to see John Travolta take a train hostage?


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