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SOMEONE KILL ME: The Right Brothers July 6, 2009

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Hey kids! Did you think obnoxiously pseduo-liberal anti-bush songs were annoying as hell? Well think of the annoyance of that but conservative… really conservative. Like so conservative they’re pretty much gay for not liking liberals since it’s the ONLY thing they sing about. Their political “songs” make Linkin Park crying about the War in Iraq sound like The Beatles.

Not I have nothing against conservatives in general though. Yes, I am as liberal as the next Long Island 20-something but that doesn’t mean I run for the hills whenever a conservative is in sight. In fact, there are times when I’m just as disgusted as liberal pundits as I am with conservative pundits, it just so happens that I dislike conservatives more. I just don’t like politics so when it’s forced in music, it just puts a bad taste in my mouth (or ear). Unless it can be subtle like Against Me!, Bright Eyes or Dylan, I can’t stand it especially if they flat out say something like “I don’t like war/Bush/Christians/Whatever punk rockers bitch about this week”. Now when you replace annoying liberal politics with annoying conservative politics and combine it with hilariously bad lyrics, it’s just a musical tragedy that will make even the likes Limp Bizkit and Brokencyde think “Oh hell no”.

Their sophomoric attempts at controversy and backlash sound like the kids that bullied you in the first grade. “This is a song about liberals that we can’t stand/If you don’t like it go write your own and start up your own band/But this is our song and this is our list”. And with song titles like “Stop Global Whining”, “I’m In Love With Ann Coulter”, “Bush Was Right” it’s clear through mere first impression that they only sing about one thing: how conservatives are right and how liberals aren’t.

Come on guys… there’s nothing else to talk about? Isn’t there a girl out there you’re in love with or a summer that made you feel alive? You have nothing else on your mind? At first I thought this had to be a joke but nay! There slogan is in fact “Truth Disguised as Music”. Anyone who thinks their personal beliefs are “truth” is a tool no matter what you believe in. Clearly these bros have an ego that is way too huge. It’s disgusting and if I was conservative I would be offended. But alas people apparently like this:

But hey these guys are all probably the same white-trash rednecks who think Nickelback and Kid Rock are great bands. But yeah The Right Brothers are an insult to conservatives, politics, America and music in general. It’s stupidity like this that makes people like me want to have nothing to do with politics.

Besides, if you two guys dislike the people in the government so much… you could always move to Canada.


2 Responses to “SOMEONE KILL ME: The Right Brothers”

  1. fastfeet311 Says:

    haha… its so bad I thought it was a spoof at first. wait… double take… just shallow minded!

    • andthismakesaheartbeat Says:

      That’s exactly what I thought hah. Until I read their bio and they take themselves completely seriously which just depressing. Someone needs to show this to BVG or Jordan, they’d get a kick out of this.

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