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Believe the Hype: Prince of Persia Poster is Epic July 21, 2009

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Now all the 12 year old boys whined across the internet when these posters were released today. Sure it looks badass but DISNEY is doing. An evil kiddie corporation that has never made a mature action film.

Well you know what? Screw those 12 year old boys. Because in all honesty this looks like the first step movie companies are taking when it comes to taking video game adaptations seriously, well at least as summer entertainment. The posters simply look visually and aesthetically fantastic.

I still have my doubts since its still a video game movie and Jerry Bruckheimer is behind it, a man who I have a serious love hate relationship with.

But we can all hope for greatness out of this. Besides, a friend once told me that Jerry Bruckheimer has never made a bad movie ever.


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