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And Now A Public Service Announcement… August 14, 2009

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If you post something like this…


Or this…


…on you facebook/mypsace/whatever. Or have politics that are THAT black and white that you honestly believe the presdient will make the country “evil” soley based on the fact that they have opposing beliefs as you LEAVE THIS COUNTRY PLANET!

It was annoying when people compared Bush to Hitler and called him a fascist and it’s even more annoying now with Obama. The man hasn’t even been in office for a year and people are already nitpicking him… not all Presidents will follow your strict set of beliefs. Deal with it and grow up.

PS- I love how all the people who are blindly hating are probably the same people 4 years ago who went, “Well if you don’t like Bush then you hate America! And if you hate America then why don’t you leave?” Well guess what neo-cons? If you hate Obama, you too hate America. So if you REALLY can’t tolerate the fact that there’s a President that won’t ass kiss to whatever you believe in go to Canada and leave us sane, rational Americans alone.



6 Responses to “And Now A Public Service Announcement…”

  1. Cheyenne Says:

    Hi Bryan!

    My name is Cheyenne and I am 16 years old. I grew up with Republicans/Conservatives and Democrats/Liberals. I myself am a Conservative Libertarian. I completely disagree with your statement/comment.

    You said “The difference is those of us in the democratic party (aka the nutjob liberals) didnt start showing up to town hall meetings with guns and such when we were mad.”

    Well…. do you know what is wrong with that statement??? If you dont let me tell you. We(those who went to town hall meetings) didn’t bring guns with us to town hall meetings. Where did you get that info from MSNBC???

    You also said “….. but statistics show that blue states are frequently better educated, less religious, healthier, etc… and therefore we have historically retorted in more civilized manners.”

    1. What does more religious have to do with anything?
    Just because someone is religious does not make them a bad person.

    2. Better educated???? Are you kidding me??
    If you were better educated then you would have put an apostrophe in didn’t and put periods between a.k.a..

    3. Healthier??
    Really? Are you serious? How are people in the red states unhealthy?

    4. The “more civilized manners” piece was so funny!!
    I’ve seen videos of Democrats protesting and they seem to get unruly. Also I’ve seen videos and went to tea parties with Republicans/Conservatives and I have never seen anyone get unruly.


    p.s. I like your name.

  2. Well now that he’s been in for a while let’s see…

    Pushing for open voting in Unions – contradicts every facet of our free system. Hmm…holy voter intimidation, what’s next, get rid of voting all together? Who needs it when Obama acolytes are perfectly capable of making all your choices for you or else… Eric Holder will put you in jail. I’ve recently converted to islam and grown a beard so I am safe from Eric Holder. I tried black face but it didn’t work; smart buggers, they caught on.

    Priorities: Healthcare. That’s like focusing on what the crew gets to eat on a sinking ship.

    Sues Arizona over their immigration statute before it is even in place while turning a blind eye to voter intimidation by New Black Panther Party activists who were openly spewing violent racial epithets towards whites. Ooh discrimination, discrimination or its only racism if a white person does it.

    Non-priorities: the economy, unless you believe administration figures which, they now admit, are based on a formula of theoretical things that do not reflect net gains or job growth. Smoke and Mirrors anyone? Can I interest all of you in free ice water now being served on E deck of the Titanic? There’s a lot of it, a real lot of it and I got it all for you.

    His friends: Birds of a feather flock together or, you’re known by the company you keep. “Reverend” – I get sick when I have to use that word in connection with – Wright was not an anomalie, Obama has steadily aligned with and promoted folks from the far, far, Saul Alinsky left as well as blacks known for their open racism – must come from the reverend Wright School of racial theologie. Hate Whitey. But don’t listen to me, just follow the news and blog a few names like Van Jones.

    Now, I’m going to pick Acorns on the White House lawn.

  3. Maybe you’re not nutjobs but you do have a sense for the grand, for… exaggeration. No one shows up with guns. Read the gun laws silly…seen anyone but cops and criminals running around with them?

    I really like this site; artsy, interesting, nothing terrifically full of $h!t. people have their opinions and that’s fine, this is America – for now. Something in the Adminstration stinks of Stalin, just a little, think they’ve got his corpse in a closet somewhere?

  4. Oh education smeducation. That’s the first place snobby liberals run to as if having listened to a lot of distorted opinions from left wing profs amounts to one. Anyone can fill an empty mind with crapola. And I think you’re wrong about the healthier part. I live in a blue state and I’m telling you, it’s filled with ignorant fatsos. Have you noticed commercials, especially the ones that claim to be live? Just notice how many fat butts there are. I think the folks in advertising, which just happens to be skewed to the liberal like all media, are trying to normalize being fat, like it’s all right as a choice.

    But I digress… Look, no one got shot did they? What do you think we threw at the Brits on Lexington Green and Concord, at Bunker Hill; words? God guts and guns buddy. I’m all for talking first but, ya know, some times all some folks listen to is lead. Hey, did they ever get around to stoning that gal in Iran? Now there’s a place where they really listen. Whenever you think we’re all screwed up just visit another country and our screwed up doesn’t seem so bad; even our liberals…
    only kidding!

    Anyway, the liberal media paints a very skewed picture. I’m not exaggerating here, they found a few embarassing people and recycled them constantly through the news. Rommel used a similar trick to fool the British when he took Tobruk. He only had about a dozen tanks left so as soon as they cleared the square where the film crews were rolling they made a bee-line around the block and went through again. It worked, Brits thought they had hundreds. So, do you honestly think that represented the thousands of pretty smart people that, for example, elected Scott Brown here in the most liberal of states? Tea Party people are diverse; they’re physicians, dentists, trades people, all kinds.

  5. navid.a.naminy Says:

    i do not know what can i say!
    good time

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