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Potential Best Album of 2009 August 30, 2009

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The following are my first impressions of Daisy.


Okay, I think its safe to say that Brand New is one of the most important bands of our generation. From their humble beginnings of Your Favorite Weapon, their music proved that the pop-punk (or as some critics dub it as the dreaded “e-word”) scene can and will be taken seriously. When the mediocrity of the genre climbed with cookie cutter bands like Good Charlotte and Simple plan in 2003, Brand New struck again with Deja Entendu, an aggressive 11 track adventure that soared between howling modern rock anthems “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows”, powerful epics “Good to Know That If I Ever Need Attention…” and acoustic masterworks “Play Crack the Sky”. After three long years, fans were dying to know what was in store next. What would come next was something revolutionary, as Jesse Lacey and company blew away all expectations with The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me an album that was a fantastic leap from their previous work but at the same time familiar enough to keep die-hard fans in love.

Another three years have passed and the music scene has gone through a lot of changes, most of which have been for the worst. Auto-tune and cookie cutter anthems about nightclub shenanigans continue to prosper while genuinely talented and passionate bands get ignored. And to only make matters worse, a horrid new genre dubbed “crunk-core” is becoming uncomfortably popular. Finally, between all the awkward new trends, the internet has helped music elitism become even more obnoxious and irritating than it has ever been, to the point that many artists out there attempt to grab fame solely out of bashing whatever band is popular this week. In this day and age, we need a hero to save the scene. We need a band like Brand New to return and remind us why we all love music in the first place. Well, we got it.

Devil and God is a very tough act to follow, that being said Daisy is everything we want out of a Brand New album. It’s aggressive, honest, brutal and energetic through all 11 tracks. It begins with a possible sample of a peaceful piano song accompanied with a gorgeous female chorus. Then suddenly, the guitars and Jesse’s screaming rushes in with more power than anything thing I’ve heard from the band. The first track “Vices” sounds more like Blood Brothers than anything else. The aggression continues with the relentlessly catchy “At the Bottom” (albums first single) and the album’s epic “You Stole”, a somber track reminiscent of many of the Deja Entendu period.

What follows is the experimental interlude, “Be Gone”, which is just as phenomenally interesting and different as Devil and God‘s interlude track “Welcome to Bangkok”. Think of “Be Gone” as a southern guitar driven soul song in the future. At a minute and a half, it’s short but still unforgettable. Then “Sink” kicks the ferocity back in the one of the heaviest (and probably best) track on the album.

In short, in a time where “the album” is considered dead, Daisy as a whole is a throughly complete record that is near perfect from start to finish. Even some of my favorite albums this year have one or two dead spots but I think its safe to say to every track on this record is fantastic. This album is one of the best this year and you’d be daft to not check it out, plain and simple. They’ve come a long, long way since “Jude Law and A Semester Abroad”.

Download Daisy here and prepare to be blown away.


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