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Best Songs of 2009 (so far) September 8, 2009


1. Fake Problems – Heart BPM

A bitter yet beautiful folk-punk ballad that builds and builds until the final chorus gives you its all with gang vocals, aggressive lead vocals, soulful guitars and soothing trumpet leads. It’s a perfect finish to one of the best album of the year.

2. The Dangerous Summer – Where I Want To Be

Easily one the of the best lyrics this year with a beat that makes you forget about the past few months mourning over The Starting Line breakup.

3. Manchester Orchestra – Shake It Out

Ear-bleeding rock anthem that’s only further improved with Andy Hull’s voice. Not to mention, the breakdown during the bridge is simply to die for.

4. Fun. – Be Calm

After The Format, fans never thought they’d get a sound as exhilarating as what was heard on the masterpiece, Dog Problems.That was before we got our hands on Aim and Ignite, the first album from Fun. (the first side project after The Format’s hiatus), and we are introduced to an 11 track manifesto of baroque pop brilliance. The album’s first track is anything but “calm”, it’s unpredictable and eccentric blessed with the band’s own mini-orchestra and plently of theatrical, Broadway-esque attitude.

5. A Day to Remember – The Downfall Of Us All

Words can’t describe it. Just press play.

6. Set Your Goals – The Few That Remain

Set Your Goals is, hands down, one of the best punk bands making music right now. The Few That Remain is a mosh-pit ready piece of aggression that’s just as good as anything else they have released. Then, literally out of nowhere, Paramore’s Hayley Williams joins in the fun and the song goes from great to fantastic. The song is like a 3 minute riot that you’d be daft to not be a part of.

7. Brand New – Sink

Brand New in itself is a sound that is nothing short of genius. Make that sound bluesy, soulful and give it a post-hardcore edge, then have something really really brilliant.

8. Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings

Gorgeous synth lines combined with even more beautiful strings makes this the ultimate “chill-out” song of the summer. It’s also refreshing to hear the lead singer of Passion Pit sing without his signature falsetto voice.

9. MeWithoutYou – The Fox, The Crow And the Cookie

Catchy folk rock with intriguing lyrics about the kind of morality tales usually delivered by renowned Christian rock band. Poetic storytelling and fantastic musicianship work together perfectly in this piece.

10. VersaEmerge – Whisperer

The dreamy he said, she said verses between Sierra and Blake are great and all but its when the chorus erupts with the awesome violin line that makes this song unforgettable pop-punk hit.


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