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The Best Game You’ve Never Heard Of September 14, 2009

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Can video games be considered an art form? Such a debate has been argued ever since the medium stormed the masses in the mid-80s. While still many believe that video games can and never will be art, a little game called Facade may change a lot of peoples minds.

Described as an interactive one-act play, you play a character who is invited to Tripp and Grace’s house, two long-time friends. While things seem normal initially, the scene quickly become sour as the couple argues and ultimately reveal their deep marital problems. As the player you can communicate with these two characters fully in real time and events throughout the game change significantly depending on what you say. You can try to solve their problems, take sides or even be the definition of a rude, inappropriate guest. Either way, they’ll respond to your comments and the game’s outcome will be different based on your interaction with the characters. For example, if you say something profane or vulgar, they’ll look offended or uncomfortable. If you continue to say rude things, they’ll eventually be fed up and kick you out.

The result of such deep interaction is something more than a video game but a true example of interactive art. Frankly, this is the future of video games; something that is both engaging and emotionally complex using interactivity and artificial intelligence to create a powerful experience for the gamer.

You can download the game for free here.


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