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New Moon Soundtrack is really REALLY good. September 29, 2009

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No. Really.

  1. “Meet Me on the Equinox” (Death Cab for Cutie)
  2. “Friends” (Band of Skulls)
  3. “Hearing Damage” (Thom Yorke)
  4. “Possibility” (Lykke Li)
  5. “A White Demon Love Song” (The Killers)
  6. “Satellite Heart” (Anya Marina)
  7. “I Belong to You” [New Moon Remix] (Muse)
  8. “Rosyln” (Bon Iver and St. Vincent)
  9. “Done All Wrong” (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)
  10. “Monsters” (Hurricane Bells)
  11. “The Violet Hour” (Sea Wolf)
  12. “Shooting the Moon” (OK Go)
  13. “Slow Life” (Grizzly Bear featuring Victoria Legrand of Beach House)
  14. “No Sound But the Wind” (Editors)
  15. “New Moon (The Meadow)”

Thom Yorke from Radiohead, Death Cab, OK Go, Bon Freaking Iver and a crap load of other artists that are probably better than anything the average teenage girl listens to. Plus it’s ten times better than Stephanie Meyer’s suggestions which like entirely composed of Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance. But seriously, this is awesome. Like really awesome. Like I might just stop making fun of the franchise and let it be awesome.

No. Really.


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