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Warped Tour 2010 Hopes November 1, 2009

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Twitter-Warped_Tour_10-logoIt was recently announced via twitter that the line-up for the 2010 Warped Tour is currently in the works. This year, the Warped Tour garnered some controversy for adding so many (and by so many, in reality like three or four out of 80) abysmal bands labeled under the new extremely unflattering genre dubbed “crunkcore”. This caused a slew of criticism for the tour for several reasons. Not only are these bands in fact make pretty horrible music and give off a bad image for the tour but the endless criticism of this newfound scene of “crunkcore” also turned off many concert-goers. Bands would interrupt their own sets to rant incessantly about how Warped Tour is dead because of the fact that a few of these “crunkcore” artists or “neon bands” were on the tour. As much as I hated this “crunkcore” trend and its appearance at Warped Tour, I also did not welcome this newfound elitism from supposedly real punk bands. So, since I really don’t want another year of awkward auto-tuned screaming or fire and brimstone speeches about how everyone is a poseur, I proposed a list of bands that not only I would personally love to see at Warped next year but would hopefully bring some sanity and credibility back the tour.

The Dangerous Summer

The+Dangerous+Summer+tds4One of the biggest up and coming acts this year, their debut Reach for the Sun is filled with gloriously beautiful guitar lines, introspectively personal lyrics and overall pop-punk perfection.

RIYL: The Starting Line, Valencia



They have “a sound with enough pop quality to keep your little sister’s attention, and enough edge to rid them of ‘guilty pleasure’ status.” Many consider them to be one of the best new punk bands to break into the scene this year and after one listen of their album All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion, it’s pretty easy to understand why. Plus, with their extremely enthusiastic live shows, Fireworks will pretty much have something for everyone looking to have a good time at Warped.

RIYL: old Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory

Set Your Goals

Set+Your+Goals2009 was the year pop-punk resurged back into its roots with bands like This Time Next Year, Four Year Strong and of course, one of the bands leading the movement, Set Your Goals. With their aggressive hooks, positive attitude, amazing live sets and this year’s fantastic release, This Will Be The Death Of Us, 2009 is becoming a fantastic year for SYG and frankly would be a perfect heavy-hitter for Warped’s line-up.

Family Force 5

Family+Force+5As Kevin Lyman, Warped Tour founder, awkwardly stated in an interview, “some kids at Warped just want to dance their faces off” (whatever that means). Jokes aside, whether you like it or not, catchier and poppier at Warped is here to say, it’s what the kids listen to. But frankly some of this music can be good, damn good. Family Force 5 are an alternative christian rock band with hip hop and electronic dance music elements mixed together with an over-the-top tongue in cheek attitude. Quite simply, their catchy hooks and silly antics make them one of the best mainstream rap-rock artists out there and frankly, FF5 is the band every “neon band” wish they could be (if they weren’t terrible). Most importantly, FF5 boasts an insane live show that features a giant drum machine dubbed “The Family Force 5000”, ridiculous Power Ranger-inspired outfits and some guy who calls himself “Xanadu” with an epic beard and a silver jumpsuit freestyle dancing on stage (don’t ask).

RIYL: 3OH!3, Alien Ant Farm

Other Bands I Would Love To See:

Alkaline Trio

The Gaslight Anthem

This Time Next Year

Fight Fair

New Found Glory

Against Me!

Say Anything

Motion City Soundtrack

This Providence

The Morning Of


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