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Fall 09 Movie Preview November 8, 2009

Well it’s that time again. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that we’ll be getting the year’s second wave of Hollywood Blockbusters. I’ll be looking at upcoming highlights and give my impressions. So which one’s should you check out and which one’s should you miss?


2012 Movie Poster

The Day After Tomorrow…. err… I mean 2012, is Hollywood’s effort to take advantage of the world possibly ending because the Mayans stopped wasting their time on a calendar. I think it’s safe to say that if you see one disaster movie you’ve seen them all except THIS ONE is warning. This WILL happen. Not only have scientists CONFIRMED it but now they’re making a MOVIE based on this upcoming disaster. The end IS OBVIOUSLY near.

RIYL: The Day After Tomorrow, Armageddon, every disaster film ever, John Cusack, being gullible, dumb conspiracies, explosions.

Pirate Radio


Okay. It stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, it’s about radio and it’s directed by the same guy who did Love Actually. I see no flaws. Please see this instead of NO SRSLY GUYS THE WORLD WILL END IN 2012.

RIYL: Philip Seymour Hoffman, British stuff, radio, thinking censorship sucks, pretending you connect with the 60s movement, not seeing 2012

Fantastic Mr. Fox


You have no idea how good I want this to be. Fantastic Mr. Fox was one of my favorite books as a kid and Wes Anderson is one of my favorite directors. The stop-motion animation has been hit or miss with everyone as of now but it has very strong potential to be a hip family film for both kids and adults, unlike Where the Wild Things Are which was more of a nostalgic trip for teens/adults.

RIYL: Roald Dahl, Wes Anderson, stop-motion animation, families who want smart movies, hipsters who want childhood nostalgia, … furry fandom?

The Blind Side


“You’re changing that boy’s life!” “No. He’s changing mine.”

…Okay, so the film has one of the most cheesy cliched lines ever but in harsh economic times, we NEED a movie like this (especially during the Christmas season). Based on the trailer, Quinton Aaron looks like he’ll be giving a hell of a performance and pretty much make anyone who sees cry/cheer. And hey, if anything, it’ll definitely much a much better movie than…

RIYL: Movies that are “Based on a True Story”, Sandra Bullock, FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!, crying, being inspired, rags to ritches tales, not seeing…

The Twilight Saga: New Moon


Ohhhhhhhhh mannnnnnn… The second installment of the insanely popular book series/the insanely popular fan-fiction/a cult of delusional, possibly psychotic teenage girls/Stephanie Meyer’s erotic fantasies will hit theaters November 20th. That day, high school/college girls will have aneurysms, Buffy fans will still be pissed and confused boyfriends will wonder why girls find a really pale dude who sparkles attractive. Just when you thought the series couldn’t get more ridiculous, the trailer has revealed a suicidal Bella who jumps off a cliff, pool boys who turn into wolves, an awkward attempt to create some kind of Vampire mythology and Edward Cullen fighting like Neo from The Matrix. I don’t get it…

RIYL: Twilight, “super-hot” guys who fight over Stephanie Meyer — er I mean Bella, bad special effects, Vampires that glitter, pool boys, being lonely and romantically awkward for the rest of your life, Mary Sue, reading at a 4th grade level.

Planet 51


From TriStar, the same guys who gave us District 9, comes another Alien movie that… doesn’t look nearly as good. Basically instead of aliens coming to us, we come to them and act like there’s an invasion. What follows is a reverse ET. Oh and it stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Yeah….

RIYL: Aliens, The Rock, overly obvious references to better alien movies, …Shrek?

Ninja Assassin


Do I REALLY need to explain to you why this looks awesome. Cause I think the title gives it away.

RIYL: Ninjas, badass movies, man stuff, more ninjas, violence, hoping the Wachowski brothers don’t make another disappointing movie, NINJAS!!!!!!!



RIYL: Wild Hogs.


One Response to “Fall 09 Movie Preview”

  1. Ronald has done it again. 2012 looks amazing. I don’t think I can wait until it comes out. The CGI makes me druel. Finally a film to spark the imagination.

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