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What’s Out on DVD This Week?: 11/11 November 11, 2009

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One of the best films of the year and proof that Pixar might just be the best thing for Hollywood animation since… ever, Up was an hilarious, touching, coming-of-old age film that was simply to die for in Disney Digital 3D. If you didn’t like this you were either A. a parent who’s mad a movie actually made their kid cry (God forbid) or B. A person born without a soul.

In short, it’s a modern day animated masterpiece and if you haven’t seen this yet, rent it or buy it now. As with most other Pixar DVD’s, Up will also include an animated spin-off short based on the film as well as plenty of other extras reminding you how Pixar works their massively talented butts off to disappoint families that want mindless entertainment and blow away everyone else who has a valuable opinion.

RIYL: Pixar, floating houses, talking dogs, really really sad opening scenes, old dudes, Wall-E


The Ugly Truth:

3446325584_1ecb89335eSpeaking of best films of the year, this…. definitely isn’t one of them. After Katherine Heigl’s “serious feminine persona” was so mad that Knocked Up was sexist (and by sexist she means being one of the few rom-coms that shows the guy’s perspective), she took serious action. She starred and produced in a film where she played… the exacted same role she did in Knocked Up, only this character gave the image of “as a woman you’re either a work-obsessive mega bitch or a seductress trying to turn on whatever guy you’re into at the moment”. Not only that but this film also says that guys just care about sex and flirtation when it comes to relationships. So much for gender equality right?

But hypocrisy of Hiegl aside, there is some redeeming qualities in this rom-com, but frankly, who cares? There are so many other rom-coms to choose from at this point, most of which are far better, far funnier and much less offensive than this one. Wait for 500 Days of Summer to come out on DVD.

RIYL: How to Lose A Bride War in 27 Dresses, sexism, Katherine Heigl contradicting herself, Gerald Butler gradually losing his masculinity, unfunny sex jokes that go on way to long, SRSLYYY, ALL GUYS CARE ABOUT IZ SEXXXX AND DER LYKE TOTALLL PIGZ!!!!!!11


One Response to “What’s Out on DVD This Week?: 11/11”

  1. Andy Says:

    You completely misunderstood Katherine Heigl’s comments. She also said that Mike in The Ugly Truth was sexist – and stands by her Knocked Up comments. But if you actually listened to all of what she said..not just the headlines from people taking a pot shot at her…she said that Knocked Up was one of her best filming experiences..and she hoped women realized the exaggerated characters were what made the comedy. She was not criticizing the movie just pointing out that the flaws made the humor.

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