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Nerdy Heartbeat’s Guide to What You Should Watch On Valentine’s Day February 13, 2010

Oh Valentine’s Day. The most disgustingly obnoxious/commercial holiday ever conceived by the big businesses of America. But enough about the drama regarding how American love has morphed into mass consumerism and socially histrionic tendencies it’s here, it always will be and complaining won’t do anything. Whether you like it or not, tomorrow you WILL snuggle up with your significant other (or a significant other), go to dinner, exchange gifts and probably watch a movie or two. I’m here to talk about the latter. I know. The average chick flick sucks. Looking at films like Leap Year, the most recent of “romantic” catastrophes, chances are these films are mindless escapism for delusional depressed women who want to forget how pathetic their lives are: that as long as someone falls in love within their grasps they can fall asleep without having to blast Taylor Swift while crying themselves to sleep. ANYWAY… I’m here to help you. To make sure you don’t watch one of those films because, shockingly enough, for every 3 horrible rom-coms, there’s 1 that is so damn good, it will make you forget about all that mediocrity. So when that special person wants to watch a cute date movie, you can recommend one of these, pop it in and not have to deal with all the cliched ridicule that plagues the genre. Additionally, the following list consists of films that you would both enjoy

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Julia Roberts is always gorgeous. Plain and simple. But her charm is only one of the reasons people love this movie. In short, Julia Roberts falls for her best friend (who’s a guy), best friend proposes to Cameron Diaz, hilarity and/or chaos ensues. The premise may not be super original but the dialog is sharp, the ending isn’t the Hollywood type but conversely, it doesn’t delve into self-loathing tragedy. Rupert Everett, as Julia’s gay friend, is fantastically hilarious and the “I Say A Little Prayer for You” scene is especially noteworthy. Plus, it’s nice to remember a time long ago when you didn’t find Cameron Diaz incredibly irritating.

Any Judd Apatow Rom-Com (The 40 Year Old Virgin, Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

Let’s face it. Judd Apatow is funny as hell. But underneath all of the absurd sex-ridden conversations and endless dick jokes, these films are romantic-comedies with as much heart as they have raunch. 40 Year Old Virgin starts off as a tale of a man’s lack of sexual experience and the awkwardness that comes with it, but it progresses into a simple but charming “boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back, boy and girl live happily ever after” story. Forgetting Sarah Marshall deals with the evolution of a relationship, the good and the bad of a person and how some relationships do end but it only leads to finding someone new and better. Even if you dislike sexual humor you can’t help but appreciate the wit within the dialog. I’d put Knocked Up on the list but it’s frankly a bit too cynical at times for a V-Day setting.

Any Disney Movie

Okay not any Disney movie but you know what I mean: the one’s that are essentially love stories (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Aristocats, Snow White, Hercules… yeah you get the idea). And I get it, some of you may think you’re too old for these kinds of films but even if your “too mature” for the story, you can’t help but marvel at the animation and music. Plus, recommending a film like this for a date may show off your playful side. I know. It sounds ridiculous but these films are adorable and you’d be straight up lying if you said these movies didn’t brighten your day.

(500) Days of Summer

You all know I love this movie. So I don’t need to explain it anymore. Seriously fools, go watch it.

Moulin Rouge!

A musical about love? It sounds like something that would completely destroy your masculinity. But no how much of a woman you may feel like while watching it, you won’t care. The visuals are so phenomenal that’s it’s basically an orgy for the eyes. Additionally, there’s some Nirvana and Beatles covers in here: both of them are pretty manly bands right? And if that doesn’t help just keep telling yourself it’s a movie about prostitutes. Come to think of it, any other musical would work just as well too… unless you’re not into that kinda thing.

When Harry Met Sally

Every other rom-com after this movie sucks, to an extent. This is the mother of them all, it’s responsible for all the Hollywood boy meets girl stories that came out within the past two decades. And it’s still really really good to this day. See it. No seriously. That’s all I have to say. I mean come on if you’re a fan of the rom-com genre you have to respect your elders. And you can’t get more classic than this.

Annie Hall

Speaking of classics… watch Annie Hall while your at it. Next to It’s A Wonderful Life, this is my all time favorite movie. A tale about love and all the insanity that comes after it. Woody Allen knows how to express the quirkiness of human interaction regarding love and sex. See it.

Honorable Mentions:

Zack and Miri Make  A Porno

My Big Fat Greek Wedding


Can’t Hardly Wait

Garden State

Pretty Woman

Paper Heart

Jerry Maguire


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