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Foxy Shazam Review May 20, 2010

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“There sure are a lot of dogs out tonight perhaps they can assist me in a song!”

This, well that and a bunch of barking, is how Foxy Shazam’s self-titled album begins: one of the most delightfully eccentric yet surprisingly accesible albums I’ve heard in a while and a strong contender for AOTY.

Foxy Shazam has been around the ropes in the independent scene due to their eccentric sound, unbelievable live shows and frontman, Eric Nally’s outrageously flamboyant and hilarious stage presence. This is their major label debut on Sire Records and the result is a sound more refined, in a good way. Through the 11 tracks, the band jolt between soul, queen-esque arena rock, big band, hardcore and even a showtunesy vibe but even with these drastic genre changes, it all sounds natural. Plenty of bands out there do tons of genre-bending but for the most part, it usually sounds too “out there” for mainstream listeners. Foxy Shazam does all the genre bending while managing to focus on their central sound Foxy Shazam’s new album is simply a great rock record at its core that tends to incorporate different styles of music in the process. And the result is something that is simply exhilarating.

Like I stated before, it starts with some barking and a long scream via Nally which immediately kicks into some pianos and horns on “Bombs Away” a fast-paced upbeat that pretty much sets up the rest of the album. “Count Me Out” has a sing-a-long ready chorus, “If this is what love is all about, you can count me out, count me out, count me out” with plenty of sassy vocal blemishes courtesy of Nally. “Bye Bye Symphony” and “Second Floor” are some great piano heavy ballads while “Unstoppable” sounds like Queen from the future and “Killin’ It” offers some theatrical hardcore akin to their earlier material. Even if you don’t like this type of music, there are genius tracks like “Oh Lord” and “Connect” which bring all their traits together in a gospel styled flair that no one and I mean no one can listen too without having a huge smile on their face.

All in all, Foxy Shazam is a fun, fast and at times truly unique record that is a breath of fresh air in a genre that can take itself a bit too seriously at times. If you crave for rock music that does something different while still be a tad bit familiar or just really miss Queen, you need to check this album out.

Must Download: “Connect”, “Oh Lord”, “Count Me Out”, “Second Floor”, “Killin’ It”

RIYL: Neon Blonde, Queen, Black Parade-era My Chemical Romance, soul, swagger


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