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Nerdy Heartbeat’s Epic Adventure in the Land of Rising Sun: Part One June 1, 2010

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This place is amazing. Enough said. It’s bright, colorful, incredibly animated and filled with video games. And I’m not even in a big city yet. I’m currently station in Okazaki City located minutes away from Nagoya. The plane ride was a bitch however. 15ish hours on a plane and I couldn’t even sleep after taking sleeping pills. That was fun.

Then we got there and we were instantly mesmerized by the odd looking coke cans:

It looks like a car fuel can. It was then, that and the odd looking bathrooms, that we were definitely not in the States anymore. We took a quick plane ride to Nagoya and drove over to our campus. Our dorms look like prisons and the beds are like sleeping like a rock. That being said, I slept for like 6 hours (from 12am-6) and felt oddly refreshed. It’s probably just the jet lag though.

When we woke up today, Tues Jun 1st/Feeling like it’s Memorial Day (Jesus it’s like we’re on Lost) we instantly began walking around town. Soaking in the scenery:

…while also enjoying all the bizarre things around town like the super giddy cartoon mascots that are seen at every corner.

or the ridiculously awesome food choices…

We then treked over to the Aeon Mall where we browsed clothes, Pokemon/DBZ/Disney (apparently they love Stitch a lot) paraphernalia, got free samples of the grossest pseduo-jello/slug?/hair gel? at some chain joint. It was all pretty neat but low and behold…

We saw this and just assumed it would be a video game store but alas…

it was an extremely flashy arcade. Once we saw the bright lights and hundreds of game machines we all acted like a bunch little kids at Disney World. The place had games that no one in the USA has the pleasure to play including an arcade version of Mario Kart, all the hottest new fighting games

and this…

A VR video game pod with a huge screen where you control a robot and fight in an epic team battle. It was something I have never seen before and if it moves to the States (huge if) it could easily revitalize the arcade industry.

After having the biggest geekgasm ever, we all walked around the mall and the rest of the city, while making silly photo ops along the way.

Later tonight we’re planning to see a new Japanese samurai film, The Last. I also bought Pokemon themed Ramen and will probably eat it for dinner (it will most likely be horrible). But so far, today has been an excellent way to begin what may be a fantastic next few weeks. I’ll be in touch letting you know all the great places I go to with plenty of photos to boot. Until then… namaste.


One Response to “Nerdy Heartbeat’s Epic Adventure in the Land of Rising Sun: Part One”

  1. Momma Schim Says:

    I am truly loving that you are in Japan. I spent quite some time there in 1976 (no old jokes). It is one of the most fascinating countries. Visit the noodle shops for lunch…. really inexpensive… they’ll add to the broth whatever you like… and you won’t be eating cardboard Ramen noodles revitalized with hot water. Don’t know how many other cities are on your plan… I’m hopeful you’ll get to see Nara and Kyoto. The Temples there are amazing, not to mention the hot springs. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy… and keep the travel log going, I’m looking forward to more!

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