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Nerdy Heartbeat’s Epic Adventure In The Land Of Rising Sun: Part Two June 3, 2010

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Day 2:

We take our orientation in the course and get placement. I’m in beginners, obviously and began to become accustomed with the program we use to learn Hiragana. It all seems that it will be a hearty challenge but it will definitely be rewarding.

We then began to journey around the city more seeing some of its beauty:

…as well as more of its ridiculousness:

Seriously, Japan has way too many hats with nonsensical sayings on them…

We also decided to go to a local ice cream parlor… Cold Stone:

Yeah I know. This isn’t exactly delving into Japanese culture but hey it made me feel at home. That and the girls who made our ice cream were the most adorably enthusiastic people ever.

I also made shrimp for dinner and surprisingly, it was actually really good.

Stay tuned very very soon for a posting of a very eventful day 3.


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