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Guilty Pleasure of 09: Two Is Better Than One November 3, 2009


You have no idea how hard I wanted to hate this song. I really tried. I mean I never really liked Boys Like Girls. To me, they went from mediocre pop punk to bad pop rock to Bon Jovi sound-alike. As far as Taylor Swift, I think she’s insanely attractive and likable as a person. I mean there’s no doubt that she is talented (especially when compared to other pop divas out there) but I can just never own up to enjoying A. Country Music and B. Music that fuels awkward teenage girl hopeless romantic angst, no matter how incredible the person behind the songs is.

So, knowing I’m not a fan of the music of either Boys Like Girls or Taylor Swift, I’m typing on my MacBook in utter confusion and bewilderment. Because after hearing the new Boys Like Girls single featuring Taylor Swift, “Two Is Better Than One”, all of my pretentious music elitism seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye. I don’t know how but I love the hell out of this song.

It may be the combination of the voices. It may be the fact that I will always be a sucker for songs that erupt in gorgeous string accompaniments. It may be the utter realization that *gasp* a guy like me can like sappy love songs. However, after listening to it several times, digging down to the roots of why this song makes me smile, it hit me: the nostalgia.

The first time I heard this song, it instantly reminded me of one thing. You remember all those awesome 90s animation movies you watched as a kid like Aladdin, An American Tale, The Lion King etc (Of course you remember, you probably still watch them)? Well that’s what this song reminds me of; when the film ends with a heartfelt scene that brings your 7-year-old self to tears and as the credits roll your ears are blessed with a contemporary “boy sings one part, girl sings other part” cover of one of the songs in the movie: “A Whole New World”, “Somewhere Out There” etc.

Well, “Two Is Better Than One” sounds like all those songs just refurbished, reshipped and repackaged to our Disney movie-loving hearts just in time for the holiday season to kick in. This is easily the best Boys Like Girls song and obviously the only one I actually enjoy (or even tolerate).

Whew. That was a mouthful. But don’t expect me to like another sappy poppy love song this much anytime soon.
Oh yeah, and expect this to destroy the top 40 charts in like a month or so but before everyone starts singing it, get ahead of the game.