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1. Tyler Perry Can Make Bad Movies All By Himself – 24 Mil.

2. 9 – 10.8 Mil.

3. Inglourious Bastards – 6.5 Mil.

4. All About Steve – 5.8 Mil. (People are STILL seeing this????)

5. The Final Destination – 5.5 Mil.


The Final Destination Is Number 1 at Box Office August 30, 2009


The 3D effects totally make up for the fact that its that same exact movie as the past three.

1. The Final Destination – $28,335,000

2. Inglourious Bastards – $20,041,000

3. Halloween 2 – $17,405,000

4. District 9 – $10,700,000 Didn’t see it yet? Turn off your darn computer and go already. Already saw it? See it again! Saw it on bootleg/online? See it in the theaters it deserves your 10 dollars! (Seriously this movie rules)

5. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – $8,000,000


Box Office: Robots With Genitals Got the Number 1 Spot Two Weeks in A Row July 6, 2009


1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (42.3 Mil) – People want to see stuff blow up on 4th of July. Michael Bay can arrange that.

2. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (41.6 Mil) – Wait… there was an Ice Age 2?

3. Public Enemies (25.2 Mil) – Johnny Depp may bring in the dough… but giant robots blowing stuff up and cartoon animals bring in more.

4. The Proposal (12.8 Mil) – Cause your girlfriend dragged you to see it a second time. Hey, cheer up. It’s one of the better rom-coms you’ll see this year.

5. The Hangover (11.2 Mil) – Just passed the 200 Mil mark making it the only comedy to make that achievement besides Wedding Crashers. And this is a comedy that deserves it… well this and maybe Funny People.


Box Office: Rom Com Leads Last Weekend Before “Robots Blowing Stuff Up” Will Dominate June 21, 2009

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1. The Proposal (34.1 Mil) – At first I didn’t think this was gonna do well at all, until I realized it was the only romcom/chick flick in theaters right now. The female 15-30 age group ate this up and with nothing like this until mid July with The Ugly “Truth”, it will probably continue to stay in the top 5 for a while.

2. The Hangover (26.8 Mil) – This honestly has potential of topping Wedding Crashers as the most successful R-rated Comedy ever. And who knew the biggest comedy of our generation would star 3 B/C-List Comedians rather than the “big names”. Suck on that Eddie Murphy.

3. Up (21.3 Mil) – As of now it’s doing almost as well as Finding Nemo (highest grossing Pixar flick) did back in 2003. And boy does it deserve every penny. Seriously, this is Pixar’s best, even better than Wall-e which I thought was impossible. Plus, it’s to die for in 3-D.

4. Year One (20.2 Mil) – Ouch. Not as good as people were expecting. Surprising that you have Apatow producing and Ramis directing, and you have not only critics trashing it but audiences not seeing it. Guess people are sick of Black and Cera playing the same roles.

5. The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (11.3 Mil) – Who doesn’t want to see John Travolta take a train hostage?


Box Office Weekend June 5-7: Up Gets Number 1 Spot Two Weeks In A Row June 7, 2009

3426149236_49ea57b5c21. Up (44.2 Mil) – Second week in a row at number 1. Not really surprising since any movie associated with Pixar is destined to make lots and lots of money. That and it has a lot going for it: mature storyline akin to last year’s Wall-E, rave reviews, talking dogs. This definitely has potential of being one of the highest grossing films of the summer.

2. The Hangover (43.2 Mil) – Not gonna lie, I’m kind of surprised this did this well. I mean there’s not exactly an A-List star in this and there wasn’t a huge amount of advertising. Nonetheless, it did extremely well being only 1 million below the number one movie.

3. Land of the Lost (19.5 Mil) – Kind of a disappointment, especially when compared to the success of the opposing new comedy this weekend. Who knows, maybe Americans are tired of Will Ferrell’s typical antics. Or maybe less people were fans of the TV show than Universal expected.

4. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (14.6 Mil) – Starting to lose its steam, despite doing exceptionally well on Memorial Day weekend. Probably because American families realized that there is a much much MUCH better family film in theaters right now. Think about it: Pixar film or sequel with Ben Stiller doing more physical comedy in another museum. Which would you chose?

5. Star Trek (8.4 Mil) – Jesus. Five weeks later and its still in the top 5. As of now its made 222 Million being the highest grossing film of the year. And it really does deserve every dollar it makes. All this being said, the success of Star Trek will probably soon be overshadowed by an upcoming sequel with the robots blowing stuff up.


Box Office Results May 22-24: That Movie About Museum Attractions Coming to Life Again Leads Busy Weekend May 24, 2009

3191552667_f5386631641. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (53.5 Mil) – So the number one movie this Memorial Day Weekend is Ben Stiller working at some museum and having crazy mishaps and adventures with attractions that come to life… again. Yeah it’s a crummy sequel but the kids like it… and when Fox senses a sequel opportunity, they grab it without even thinking.            

2. Terminator Salvation (43 Mil) – Plus the money made Thursday, TS made 56.4 Mil. Overall, this is kind of disappointing, considering the amount of hype surrounding this film. Critics haven’t enjoyed it too much either. I have yet to see it and I usually don’t refer to “professional reviews” when it comes to my own opinion but I’ve got a sinking feeling this is going to be one of the bigger disappointments of 2009.

3. Star Trek (21.9 Mil) – Damn. Star Trek is hanging in there and making money. Lots of money. Guess it pays to make a rewarding, smart yet faithful re-imagination of a franchise. Oh yeah and it’s living proof that Paramount knows how to market and care for their blockbusters (If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen those  Burger King Star Trek Cup Commercials…)                                                                                                                                                                                                            

4. Angels and Demons (21 Mil) – Making respectable business. Though it’s going to make considerably less than its predecessor, which is a serious bummer since this is a HUGE improvement over the mediocre Davinci Code. This is probably cause I haven’t read the book Angels and Demons so I have less bias on it but the pacing is better and the acting/dialog is less awkward. Not to mention, the ending rocks. It has one of the most BA deaths ever and a pretty good twist. I can’t say if it’s a faithful adaptation or not but I can say this: it’s pretty solid entertainment.                                                              

5. Dance Flick (11.1 Mil) – Not surprised. After America was infected with the Friedberg/Seltzer cinematic abortions, (Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, Disaster Movie) saying we’re tired of “spoofs” is an understatement. That being said, this is the Waynes Brothers who made the two good Scary Movies. Also based on the trailers and TV spots, it looks funnier previous spoof disasters. But they’re still plenty of cliches (“fat dude joke”, “painfully obscure and irrelevant reference to Ray”) that make this not worth our 10 bucks… or the embarrassment of saying “I saw Dance Flick this weekend”. 


Box Office May 8th-10th May 10, 2009

3460724466_7fabe9f28aStar Trek (72.5 Mil.) Really glad this baby did well. It deserves the money. J.J. Abrams rebooted a cult franchise to make an already popular story and extend it to a wider audience. If you didn’t see it yet, see it now. I’m not a fan of the show and loved the hell out of it. It truly is a perfect summer movie: hilarious, action-packed and great pacing. Live long and prosper.

Xmen Origins: Wolverine (27 Mil.) The negative buzz is probably why this movie dropped as bad as it did. Nonetheless, it’s almost at 130 Mil. in it’s second weekend. Not bad.

Ghost of A Girlfriend’s Past  (10 Mil.)-  Mediocre rom-com is hanging in there. Guess people still want to see Matthew McConaughey after all…

Obsessed (6.6 Mil.) – Yup America is still OBSESSED! (Kind of) Not gonna lie, I’m really surprised this movie is making this much money. 56 Mil? Guess Beyonce’s charm put a ring on its success… or something.

17 Again  (4.4 Mil.) – Pretty boy, Effron is hanging in there. Looks like he can make a hit that doesn’t involve singing and/or dancing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Next Day Air (4 Mil.) – Doesn’t seem like a strong opening… but look what it’s battling with: only in a little over 1000 screens, minimal marketing, mediocre reviews, lack of any real big name stars (most notable one is probably Turk from Scrubs) and it’s competing with one of the most anticipated films of the summer. 4 Mil. isn’t bad business for a movie like this (especially since the budget probably isn’t that high).    3468187051_9beca22d94