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Box Office May 8th-10th May 10, 2009

3460724466_7fabe9f28aStar Trek (72.5 Mil.) Really glad this baby did well. It deserves the money. J.J. Abrams rebooted a cult franchise to make an already popular story and extend it to a wider audience. If you didn’t see it yet, see it now. I’m not a fan of the show and loved the hell out of it. It truly is a perfect summer movie: hilarious, action-packed and great pacing. Live long and prosper.

Xmen Origins: Wolverine (27 Mil.) The negative buzz is probably why this movie dropped as bad as it did. Nonetheless, it’s almost at 130 Mil. in it’s second weekend. Not bad.

Ghost of A Girlfriend’s Past  (10 Mil.)-  Mediocre rom-com is hanging in there. Guess people still want to see Matthew McConaughey after all…

Obsessed (6.6 Mil.) – Yup America is still OBSESSED! (Kind of) Not gonna lie, I’m really surprised this movie is making this much money. 56 Mil? Guess Beyonce’s charm put a ring on its success… or something.

17 Again  (4.4 Mil.) – Pretty boy, Effron is hanging in there. Looks like he can make a hit that doesn’t involve singing and/or dancing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Next Day Air (4 Mil.) – Doesn’t seem like a strong opening… but look what it’s battling with: only in a little over 1000 screens, minimal marketing, mediocre reviews, lack of any real big name stars (most notable one is probably Turk from Scrubs) and it’s competing with one of the most anticipated films of the summer. 4 Mil. isn’t bad business for a movie like this (especially since the budget probably isn’t that high).    3468187051_9beca22d94     


Box Office! May 1 – 3 May 3, 2009

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1. Xmen Origins: Wolverine – 87Mil. Yup. Big numbers. The summer movie season has officially begun. Sure it began with fake looking Wolvie Claws and a mess of a Baraka look alike that was supposed to be Deadpool but hey… Happy Summer everybody!!!

2. Ghost of Girfriend’s Past – 15Mil. What’s more irritating than a Christmas Carol remake, Matthew McConaughey and a generic romantic comedy preaching endlessly about how men don’t know how to treat women right (BAWWWWWW)? Simple, all three of these things in one movie!

3. Obsessed – 12Mil. America is OBSESSED with this movie! (Screen Gems better not steal that.)

4. 17 Again – 6Mil. America wants to see 17 Again, AGAIN!  (And still not funny the second time around)

5. Monsters vs. Aliens – 5Mil. I would be happy with the crazy amount of success this movie is having (182 Mil. so far) but after what Dreamworks did to Shrek (we’re getting two more sequels and a Puss In Boots spinoff) and what it’s about to do with Kung Fu Panda  (PANDAemonium is scheduled to be released in 2011) I can’t help but dread all the sequels MVA will have…

bftcharacters1Oh and sorry environmentally preachy Aliens… Battle for Terra scraped in 12th place with only 1Mil. Proving that just cause Wall-e can make a lot of money and have a message, doesn’t mean that you’ll do the same thing. They’re Pixar and you’re just an independent company with no marketing. Oh yeah and it wouldn’t hurt to have a plot that would actually make sense to a 7 year old, since that’s the audience you’re trying to sell this to…