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Box Office Results May 22-24: That Movie About Museum Attractions Coming to Life Again Leads Busy Weekend May 24, 2009

3191552667_f5386631641. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (53.5 Mil) – So the number one movie this Memorial Day Weekend is Ben Stiller working at some museum and having crazy mishaps and adventures with attractions that come to life… again. Yeah it’s a crummy sequel but the kids like it… and when Fox senses a sequel opportunity, they grab it without even thinking.            

2. Terminator Salvation (43 Mil) – Plus the money made Thursday, TS made 56.4 Mil. Overall, this is kind of disappointing, considering the amount of hype surrounding this film. Critics haven’t enjoyed it too much either. I have yet to see it and I usually don’t refer to “professional reviews” when it comes to my own opinion but I’ve got a sinking feeling this is going to be one of the bigger disappointments of 2009.

3. Star Trek (21.9 Mil) – Damn. Star Trek is hanging in there and making money. Lots of money. Guess it pays to make a rewarding, smart yet faithful re-imagination of a franchise. Oh yeah and it’s living proof that Paramount knows how to market and care for their blockbusters (If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen those  Burger King Star Trek Cup Commercials…)                                                                                                                                                                                                            

4. Angels and Demons (21 Mil) – Making respectable business. Though it’s going to make considerably less than its predecessor, which is a serious bummer since this is a HUGE improvement over the mediocre Davinci Code. This is probably cause I haven’t read the book Angels and Demons so I have less bias on it but the pacing is better and the acting/dialog is less awkward. Not to mention, the ending rocks. It has one of the most BA deaths ever and a pretty good twist. I can’t say if it’s a faithful adaptation or not but I can say this: it’s pretty solid entertainment.                                                              

5. Dance Flick (11.1 Mil) – Not surprised. After America was infected with the Friedberg/Seltzer cinematic abortions, (Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, Disaster Movie) saying we’re tired of “spoofs” is an understatement. That being said, this is the Waynes Brothers who made the two good Scary Movies. Also based on the trailers and TV spots, it looks funnier previous spoof disasters. But they’re still plenty of cliches (“fat dude joke”, “painfully obscure and irrelevant reference to Ray”) that make this not worth our 10 bucks… or the embarrassment of saying “I saw Dance Flick this weekend”. 


Trailer for Film of the Year Released May 12, 2009

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megashark_largeYeah. This might just be the greatest movie ever. I mean come on, it’s created by The Asylum who gave us cinematic masterpieces like:


ssm_largeIf that’s not proof enough, click here, and prepare to be wowed.


Box Office May 8th-10th May 10, 2009

3460724466_7fabe9f28aStar Trek (72.5 Mil.) Really glad this baby did well. It deserves the money. J.J. Abrams rebooted a cult franchise to make an already popular story and extend it to a wider audience. If you didn’t see it yet, see it now. I’m not a fan of the show and loved the hell out of it. It truly is a perfect summer movie: hilarious, action-packed and great pacing. Live long and prosper.

Xmen Origins: Wolverine (27 Mil.) The negative buzz is probably why this movie dropped as bad as it did. Nonetheless, it’s almost at 130 Mil. in it’s second weekend. Not bad.

Ghost of A Girlfriend’s Past  (10 Mil.)-  Mediocre rom-com is hanging in there. Guess people still want to see Matthew McConaughey after all…

Obsessed (6.6 Mil.) – Yup America is still OBSESSED! (Kind of) Not gonna lie, I’m really surprised this movie is making this much money. 56 Mil? Guess Beyonce’s charm put a ring on its success… or something.

17 Again  (4.4 Mil.) – Pretty boy, Effron is hanging in there. Looks like he can make a hit that doesn’t involve singing and/or dancing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Next Day Air (4 Mil.) – Doesn’t seem like a strong opening… but look what it’s battling with: only in a little over 1000 screens, minimal marketing, mediocre reviews, lack of any real big name stars (most notable one is probably Turk from Scrubs) and it’s competing with one of the most anticipated films of the summer. 4 Mil. isn’t bad business for a movie like this (especially since the budget probably isn’t that high).    3468187051_9beca22d94     


Star Trek Made A Respectable Friday Opening.

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24 Mil. in a day? Not bad. Hopefully, the positive buzz on this movie will spread and more people will see it. Heck this movie deserves to be a success it rocks.


Most Anticipated Films of the Summer May 6, 2009

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With Wolverine premiering last friday, it’s safe to say that the summer season for movies has officially begun. And with everybody gathering their certain picks for what they can’t wait to see (Terminator Salvation, Transformers 2, Harry Potter etc.), I’ve made my own compilation.

NOTE: I currently finished a 50 page script for one of my classes so I’m sick to death of typing. Therefore, I’ll only explain each choice in pseudo-mathematical form. Why? Cause I’m too lazy to right full sentences now.


So without further ado.

5. 3332904288_e2b0368d12

J.J. Abrams + Simon Pegg + Complete Reboot of a franchise + rumor of Cloverfield 2 trailer 




Pixar + Not Cars + Gorgeous Animation + This talking dog…



3. Bruno3409254545_8891282505

Sasha Baron Cohen + homosexual character from Ali G + mainstream America + controversy


2. 3305033565_a78329c2df1

Judd Apatow + More Dramatic Storyline + Seth Rogan


1. District 93471639420_fa9e3fa74f

Viral Marketing + Peter Jackson + Documentary Style + Aliens + Social Commentary



New G.I. Joe Trailer Gave Me A Nerdgasm… May 4, 2009

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A collapsing Eiffel Tower, people diving headfirst into trains, people jumping around and backflipping dodging rockets blowing everything up… NINJAS!!!! After seeing a glimpse way back during the Superbowl… I was impressed. Seeing the full length trailer last night on Adult Swim… I had a nerdgasm and ultimately, all the second thoughts on whether this would actually be good have disappeared for now. This might just be my action-packed guilty pleasure of 09. Directed by Stephen Sommers, who did The Mummy, my personal favorite guilty pleasure, this movie’s coming out in early August and has strong potential of being a successful end of the summer movie. Guys will love it for all of the action and girls will love it cause of the lead star, played by dream boy Channing Tatum. And with a supporting cast of Dennis Quade as Hawk, Marlon Wayans as Ripchord and Lost‘s Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, this might just be one the summer’s biggest successes. Check out the trailer… be prepared to clean yourself up afterwards…

Oh yeah and if there’s a Porkchop SandwichesBody Massage, or a Give em the Stick reference… I will love Stephen Sommers forever.


New Ugly Truth Trailer Released… still looks horrible

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3446325584_1ecb89335eTrailer for the pseudo-raunchy rom com. Basically this film looks like a shuttle for Katherine Heigl to respond against the horrible sexism in Knocked Up (I Was Playing Such A Bitch). And how does she battle gender discrimination in Hollywood movies. By starring alongside Gerald Butler, as a stereotypical womanizer who helps Heigl’s her love life by telling her what men REALLY want from relationships. In all honesty, this movie could have some serious potential if it doesn’t completely rely on the urban myth that men only care about sex and seduction. I guess Heigl only cares about sexism when it’s against women. ANYWAY… here’s the trailer.


PS- The use of an overplayed Flo Rida song truly is the icing on the cake.