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2009: It’s Been Real December 31, 2009

Happy New Year everybody… and let’s all hope 2010 is a little less obnoxious.


Nerdy Heartbeat’s 09 Recap – Biggest Guilty Pleasures December 13, 2009

There’s some stuff out there, I just can’t own up to liking. Whether it be a song on the radio, a bad movie or something utterly childish/girly, I try really hard to not like it. But I can’t. This list features my biggest guilty pleasures this year of stuff I didn’t want to like but just couldn’t help myself.


I was wondering if I should even put this show on this list because frankly, this is a really REALLY good show especially when compared to other teen programs on TV. That being said, as a straight 20 year old man, it’s hard to talk about my deep love for this show. I mean imagine telling your friends, “I can’t hang out now… I’m watching Glee.” My guy friends just give me a look and vaguely smirk. It’s like freshman year all over again when I confessed to my friends my love for The OC. Additionally, when you think about it, the show has a very similar concept to High School Musical. That being said, it’s a fantastic show with a great sense of humor, eccentric cast of characters and amazing covers of classic songs. Even if it’s shifted a little too far in dramatic territory with recent episodes, it’s still one of the best new shows this season.

Lady Gaga

I may not listen to her on a regular basis but whenever she’s on the radio I can’t help but sing along. There’s something about her, (Maybe it’s her craziness? Yeah her craziness) that makes her an interesting pop icon. I mean let’s face it, when you compare her to the Britney Spearses and P!nks and Kelly Clarksons of the world, she is far better and something the pop scene kinda needs right now: a different face. Her music is catchy, her personality turns heads and is a person that you simply couldn’t run away from in 2009. That and the Bad Romance video is pretty damn fantastic.

Wearing Neon

It’s the choice attire for scene kids and crappy pseduo-electronic bands. That being said, I can’t help but adding a tid bit of neon to my wardrobe to brighten stuff up. Yeah it can look ridiculous at times but… okay there’s not much defending when it comes to neon but hey it looks kinda cool if you want the impression of being a karaoke singer in space or something…

Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus

So it’s an absolutely horrible movie. The acting is horrendous, the story is silly as hell and the “epic fight scene”  is the same poorly rendered CGI shot just with different effects layered on it. Asylum Entertainment is known for making some of the best worst movies out there and this is definitely no exception. It’s so bad that you can’t help but love the awfulness it reeks. It’s absolutely hilarious. However, while it may be a bad movie, below is probably the greatest scene in film history. Ever. I’m not kidding.

Boys Like Girls – Two Is Better Than One

I already wrote a blog about this. Click here


Guilty Pleasure of 09: Two Is Better Than One November 3, 2009


You have no idea how hard I wanted to hate this song. I really tried. I mean I never really liked Boys Like Girls. To me, they went from mediocre pop punk to bad pop rock to Bon Jovi sound-alike. As far as Taylor Swift, I think she’s insanely attractive and likable as a person. I mean there’s no doubt that she is talented (especially when compared to other pop divas out there) but I can just never own up to enjoying A. Country Music and B. Music that fuels awkward teenage girl hopeless romantic angst, no matter how incredible the person behind the songs is.

So, knowing I’m not a fan of the music of either Boys Like Girls or Taylor Swift, I’m typing on my MacBook in utter confusion and bewilderment. Because after hearing the new Boys Like Girls single featuring Taylor Swift, “Two Is Better Than One”, all of my pretentious music elitism seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye. I don’t know how but I love the hell out of this song.

It may be the combination of the voices. It may be the fact that I will always be a sucker for songs that erupt in gorgeous string accompaniments. It may be the utter realization that *gasp* a guy like me can like sappy love songs. However, after listening to it several times, digging down to the roots of why this song makes me smile, it hit me: the nostalgia.

The first time I heard this song, it instantly reminded me of one thing. You remember all those awesome 90s animation movies you watched as a kid like Aladdin, An American Tale, The Lion King etc (Of course you remember, you probably still watch them)? Well that’s what this song reminds me of; when the film ends with a heartfelt scene that brings your 7-year-old self to tears and as the credits roll your ears are blessed with a contemporary “boy sings one part, girl sings other part” cover of one of the songs in the movie: “A Whole New World”, “Somewhere Out There” etc.

Well, “Two Is Better Than One” sounds like all those songs just refurbished, reshipped and repackaged to our Disney movie-loving hearts just in time for the holiday season to kick in. This is easily the best Boys Like Girls song and obviously the only one I actually enjoy (or even tolerate).

Whew. That was a mouthful. But don’t expect me to like another sappy poppy love song this much anytime soon.
Oh yeah, and expect this to destroy the top 40 charts in like a month or so but before everyone starts singing it, get ahead of the game.



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I Had A Migrane During the VMAs September 14, 2009


Best Video of the Year OF ALL TIME

Beyoncé — “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”

Best Male Video

T.I. (featuring Rihanna) — “Live Your Life”

Best Female Video

Taylor Swift — “You Belong with Me BEYONCE HAD ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!

Best New Artist

Lady Gaga — “Poker Face”

Best Pop Video

Britney Spears – Womanizer

Best Rock Video

Green Day – 21 Guns

Best Hip-Hop Video

Eminem – We Made You

Breakthrough Video (Aka the award that helped me believe MTV still has some credibility as a medium)

Matt and Kim – Lessons Learned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Kanye, this is one of the best videos of all time)

The rest of the night had plenty of highlights including Kanye/T Swift Drama, T Swift singing in the only subway in New York without creepy homeless people, an insane amount of New Moon promotions, Green Day trying to convince people they’re still punk rock, Gabe Saporta and Pete Wentz being rad dudes and of course Lady Gaga making me and everyone else uncomfortably aroused. Below you is the greatest performance in human history. I wish this was sarcasm.

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